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Trusted publishers are not just for existing gems, they can also be used to push new gems!

This helps reduce the friction for setting up fully automated publishing workflows for new gems, since the same workflow will work for the first released version of a gem as well as all future versions.

To set up a trusted publisher for a new gem, you’ll need to set up a “pending” trusted publisher under your profile.

The process is the same as for adding a trusted publisher to an existing gem, except that you’ll also need to specify a gem name.

To configure a pending trusted publisher, go to your pending trusted publisher page

User's pending trusted publisher page with a create button

Click the “Create” button, which will take you to the publisher configuration page.

Pending trusted publisher creation form

For example, if you have a repository at with a release workflow at push_gem.yml and an environment named release that you would like to push to as the sample-gem gem, you would enter the following values:

Pending trusted publisher creation form with values filled in

Once you click “Create Pending trusted publisher”, your publisher will be registered and will appear in the list of pending publishers for your account.

List of configured pending trusted publishers

From this point, the “pending” publisher will act like a “normal” publisher. After its first successful push, it will be converted to a “normal” trusted publisher for the new gem, and you will be added as the owner of the gem.

Now that you’ve created a Trusted Publisher, create a GitHub Actions workflow to publish your gem. You can use rubygem-await’s release workflow as a starting point.