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Want to better protect your account?

Your account is important! Unauthorized access of your account can lead to irrevocable damage to your gem’s reputation. We highly recommend that you enable MFA for both UI and API. When enabled, this will mean that you need to use MFA for signing into and when running gem signin, push, owner --add, owner --remove and yank.

You may enable MFA using WebAuthn or by using one-time passwords (OTP).

Authentication levels

When you register a new device or enable MFA for the first time, we will enable MFA for both the UI and the API. If you go to the “Edit Settings” page again, in the “Multi-factor Authentication” section, you will see a dropdown menu with these options:

  • UI only (Deprecated): sign in from browser, updating MFA levels and resetting password will require OTP code. These are referred to as UI operations.
  • UI and gem signin: UI operations and gem signin will require OTP code.
  • UI and API: UI operations, gem signin, push, owner --add and owner --remove will require OTP code.

Note: If you are on the “UI only” or “UI and gem signin” authentication level, you can selectively enable MFA on specific API keys (see API key scopes). This is different from the “UI and API” level as MFA is enabled on all API keys by default and cannot be selectively enabled.

Steps to change your MFA level:

  1. Sign in and go to the edit settings page. If you have enabled MFA for your account, in the “Multi-factor Authentication” section, you will see a dropdown menu. Select your intended option, and click Update. Multi-factor section on the edit settings page
  2. You will be prompted to use your MFA device to authorize the MFA level change. Multi-factor authentication prompt to update MFA level

Using recovery codes to reconfigure previously enabled MFA

You might be in a situation where you no longer have access to your MFA device.

In this situation, you’ll need your recovery codes to gain access to your account. Each recovery code can only be used once and you may need up to 2 recovery codes to re-setup a previously enabled MFA account on a new device.

  1. To login into your account, enter an unused recovery code as the OTP code when prompted.
  2. To reconfigure an authenticator app, you’ll need to use a recovery code to remove the current authenticator app. Then, you are able to enable and configure your authenticator app again. For security devices, you are able to associate a new security device to your account in the security devices section.