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How you can help make RubyGems and the surrounding ecosystem better.

Looking to contribute to a RubyGems project? You’ve come to the right place! There are many development efforts going on right now, and they could use your help. Just follow the links below to get started contributing or to contact the project maintainers.

Core Projects

These projects are under the wing of the core RubyGems team.


Ruby’s premier packaging system. Bundled with Ruby 1.9+ and available for Ruby 1.8. Any time you run gem at the command line, you’re using this project.


Code Guidelines:

  • New features should be coupled with tests.
  • Ensure that your code blends well with ours (eg, no trailing whitespace, match indentation and coding style).
  • Don’t modify the history file or version number.
  • If you have any questions, just ask us on Slack or file an issue.


Bundler manages an application’s dependencies through its entire life across many machines systematically and repeatably.

The Ruby community’s gem hosting service. Provides a better API for accessing, deploying, and managing gems along with clear and accessible project pages.

RubyGems Infrastructure

Chef cookbooks and bootstrap scripts to configure and manage on AWS.

RubyGems Guides

The central home for RubyGems documentation, including tutorials and reference material. User-contributed guides are more than welcome and encouraged!

Gem Whisperer

An example of how to use’s webhooks to listen to every gem being pushed. API Library

A Ruby implementation of the various API endpoints available on If you’re writing a service in Ruby to interact with gems available to the community, check this out!

RubyGems Mirror

The current state of mirroring RubyGems is frankly embarrassing. We need RubyGems to be highly available all over the world, no more excuses! Discussion is going on in the rubygems-mirror wiki on how to improve it.

Ecosystem Projects

These projects are outside of the RubyGems core, but work closely with RubyGems to improve the gem experience for everyone.

A fantastic provider of YARD documentation for every RubyGem available. Push a gem, and you get docs created instantly! links to this site and it uses’s webhooks as well.


Stickler is a great way to run and organize an internal gem server in your organization. It helps with mirroring gems and providing a gem source to add internal or proprietary code to.


Need simple RubyGems hosting? Geminabox can do that! This project provides an easy to setup way to host RubyGems internally and allow uploading of gems without much hassle.

Add Your Own Idea

We’d love for your new idea to be on this list. If you’re working on a RubyGems related project, just fork this repo and add the link!